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1144 Ilima Avenue, Lana`i City.

Call: (808) 565-6700

Teen Dating Violence Program
Women Helping Women Teen Dating Violence Program provides services for teens that are currently in an abusive relationship, has been a victim of dating violence or comes from a home of domestic violence. The program provides facilitated support groups, crisis intervention, outreach and community awareness.

The teen group meets on a weekly basis, after school, on school campus. Referrals are made to the teen advocate by school staff, family and friends, and community members. Presentations and information regarding dating violence and healthy relationships are provided on school campus for students.

Participants of the dating violence group are also involved in community activities. October is DV awareness month. The teens will create signs, sign wave, write and read poems, create drawings, and get pledges signed by the community regarding domestic violence. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month. The teens will create posters regarding dating violence and healthy relationships and post it around school campus. A pinwheel garden was planted on school campus in honor of Child Abuse Prevention month.

Abuse Poem
He pulls my hair
He slaps my face
He kicks me on the floor

I love him so much
So I don’t have the strength
To walk right out the door

There’s blood on my face
Everything hurts
And all I can do is cry

I made him mad
So this is what he does
I wish I knew his reasons why

My heart won’t let me leave him
And it hurts too much to try

I wonder if this is how my life will be
From now until I die
He says he’s sorry
He takes me in his arms
He even starts to cry

I tell him I forgive him
And that everything is fine

I can pretend I can get over it and that I don’t care,
But surviving all this,
Is just the beginning of a long and endless nightmare.

Written by a 17 year old female ~ Participant of Teen Dating Violence Group, Lanai

Women Helping Women Lanai

Neighbor Helping Neighbor Lanai
The Lana`i Domestic Violence Task Force, a group of individuals representing various segments of our community, meets monthly to raise awareness about domestic violence.  We believe that since domestic violence affects our entire community, a community response is needed. Our mission is to transform our island into a violence-free community for women, children, and men by embracing a zero-tolerance approach to domestic violence.  We strive to hold abusers accountable, and transform social attitudes through education, awareness, and role modeling. 1144 Ilima Avenue, Lana`i City. Call: (808) 565-6700