Our Wish List

Some Specific Things We Need

Other than cash contributions to run our programs, here are a few of the things we often need:

  1. Solely for our clients (donate via our main office in Wailuku by calling (808) 242-6600 or emailing info@whwmaui.net)…
    • Gift cards (Safeway, Target, Longs, Walmart, etc)
    • Feminine Hygiene Products
    • Diapers & Baby Wipes
    • More landlords able to help with affordable housing
  2. Some for us to give to our clients or use at our shelter, and some to raise money for our programs (call ReVive Boutique at (808) 495-0067 or visit us there in person for details)
    • Clothing of all types (except baby/kids), including professional attire for job interviews, etc
    • Household Items, Frying Pans & Pots
    • Cups, Bowls, Dishes, Silverware, etc
    • Sheets, Blankets, Pillows, Towels