Women Helping Women Maui ~ Stop Domestic Abuse


“WHW was wonderful! They were very helpful, understanding and caring.”

“Thank you for all the support, Mahalo. I could not do it without Women Helping Women.”

“Thank you for being there in time of need.”

“Women Helping Women helped me get a lot of stress off my mind and I have seen a great improvement in my kids.”

“To me, they were very helpful. They took the time to help protect my family.”

“I’d like to thank WHW for their support. I don’t have any family here and they have been in constant contact with me to make sure I’m okay.”

“I am very happy to know that WHW services are available to everyone.”

“I am grateful for your organization.”

Maui Domestic Abuse & Violence help

Stop Domestic Abuse & Violence Maui, Molokai Lanai